Former Diplomat Daniel Taub serves the people of Israel diligently

Not many people get a chance to work in their motherland as foreigners. However, in the case of Daniel Taub, it happened. He represented Israel in the country of his birth England. He was the ambassador in charge of Israeli interests in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub excelled in his work so well that not many people can ever come close to his achievements. He is the best diplomat to have ever represented Israel in a foreign nation. Daniel Taub served for a duration of 4 years. In the four years, he accomplished what would have taken years was it for someone else in the office. As a person who was familiar with the regulations of the two countries, he managed to navigate them with ease he knew the areas of interests that would help his country.



His legacy as a diplomat will remain in the minds of many people in the country. He worked for his country with one resolve, he never betrayed the loyalty that had been placed on him by the government of Israeli. Daniel Taub had left the United Kingdom in 1989 and moved to Israeli. His first task in the country was to serve in the military. He was a reserve medical officer. He later worked for the ministry of foreign affairs international law division. As a trained international lawyer, Daniel Taub had the advantage of working closely with the ministry of foreign affairs in a number of positions. He was appointed at one time the leading adviser of the Israeli delegation to the United Nations. Daniel Taub has been in a number of positions as a diplomat and legal adviser.



The legacy of Daniel Taub is not only on matters of law. He has served in other roles especially in peace missions. He has been to many positions on behalf of Israel. One of the biggest responsibilities that have been bestowed on him by his country is that of leading the peace resolution mission between Israel and Palestine. He was the lead negotiator on behalf of Israel.



Daniel Taub worked closely with his Palestine counterpart to give the two countries a peace agreement that was favorable. At one point together with his Palestine counterpart, they went to Ireland to study what conflicting parties in the region had done to resolve their disputes. They recommended the lessons they had learned to the peace committee who approved the proposals. Ultimately, Daniel Taub assisted the two countries to come up with a peace agreement.


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Securus Technologies Leading the way in Providing Prison Technologies

Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is an American technology company specializing in the development of prisons technology. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies also has offices in Allen and Carrolton, both in Texas and in Atlanta Georgia. Securus employs over 1000 people and has served over 2,200 correctional facilities across the United States and in Canada. They are also claimed to have over 2,600 contracts with different correctional facilities in North America currently. In 2016, the company announced that it had pumped 600 million into acquisitions, the development of technologies and patents since 2013.


Company chairman and chief executive officer Richard Smith said that Securus Technologies developed a new product or service at least once a week aimed at helping law enforcement and the officials of correctional facilities to prevent and solve crimes. After such a lengthy period in the prison technology industry, Securus has perfected their craft and have amassed a world of experience which has made them an industry leader. They have left in their wake a long list of satisfied clients, many who have been vocal enough to express their satisfaction.


In fact, Securus Technologies released in 2016 a considerable number of emails and letters received from clients who had expressed their satisfaction with the company’s work in the recent past, which was released by chairman and CEO Richard Smith, most of the correspondence came from prisons and jail officials from around the country. Mr. Smith intimidated that they receive thousands of such email each month. Most of the mail and correspondence complemented the company on the stellar work that they had done in providing prison security and communication technology over the years. Many felt that this has made the correctional system more worthwhile and redefined it from being a merely punitive system for offenders. They also thought that the company had made life much safer in the society and had enabled for more straightforward and more efficient solving of crimes in the community.


Daniel Mark Harrison as a Multi-Faceted Trailblazer

When one the mentions the name Daniel Mark Harrison in a room, greatness is felt. He is that important. His name commands respect as he is an expert in the field of business. Harrison is many things. He is an entrepreneur, writer, media pundit, an evangelist and the president of Daniel Mark Harrison Company. This organization is a family worksite which does not only have its operations in Singapore but also Bangkok and Hong Kong. With all these titles that tag along with his name, it is pertinent to know that he does not shy from volunteer work as he gave his services for two years on BNET.Com.
Harrison was born in April, 1959. Now, at only the age 58, he has accomplished so much. He studied Theology at Oxford, Business Administration at BI Norwegian Business School and Journalism at New York University. After that, he took different ideas from what he studied and used to create a business empire. For him, he has not left any stone unturned. He is the managing associate of Monkey Capital.
Also, he is a great contributor to CoinSpeaker in the sense that in his time readership levels rose to 450,000 per month. That figure is outstanding.
In the period of 2009-2015, he was a columnist at the Motley fool where he at a point got credited for being able to give in-depth recommendations on stock prices in reference to stock prices in America and the United Kingdom. He managed to do this in a straight forward manner and at the same time made it entertaining. Later in 2010-2015, he worked as a co-founder of Stanley court Ltd in Thailand. The company was all about investment and asset brokerage his department being that of marketing, which is very crucial to an organization.
Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World is an example of what he has written aside from the many articles that he has written for several sites. Daniel Mark Harrison is a dedicated man. He is one of the people globally who has done a lot for their societies, in the sense that one cannot mention everything. Clearly, he has cut a niche for himself.

The Impact of Louis Chenevert During his Reign at United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a French-Canadian who has gained leadership skills in the corporate world. He holds a degree in production management from the Université de Montréal, HEC. Louis is an executive member of the Business Roundtable as well as a fellow of Cargill board of directors, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board.

His career began at General Motors St. Therese operation where he worked as a production general manager. He served the company for fourteen years and later got an employment opportunity at Pratt and Whitney in 1993. He served Pratt and Whitney until 1999 when he got appointed as president of the entire division of larger United Technologies Corporation-Pratt &Whitney. Louis Chenevert later progressed in his career to become the president and chief executive officer of UTC in 2006. He earned an incredible reputation for his achievements as a leader. He spearheaded the purchase of Goodrich that had a monetary value of $18.4 billion.

Louis Chenevert promotes the advancement of technology in UTC as well as the growth of individuals. He incorporates his knowledge and skills to make improvements in the firm, by ensuring the company invests in the right technology. OTC capitalizes on its employees through a scholarship program, Employee Scholar Program, which supports workers who are interested in pursuing further education. The firm has spent over one billion dollars for the scholarship program.

Mr. Chenevert helped UTC to choose projects that had the potential of enhancing the company’s vision alongside inspiring employees to ensure the plans were a success. Louis leadership made the company to become the sole supplier of the F-35 engine for the US government. He spearheaded the growth of UTC’s Sikorsky unit to become the largest manufacturer of helicopters alongside dominating the market for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. According to Forbes, Louis Chenevert was always on the forefront to champion improvements that led to the growth of UTC, despite the devastating subprime recession that attacked the US during his reign. Mr. Louis later resigned from the United Technologies Corporation in 2014, to later become an exclusive advisor to Marketing Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.

How Waiakea Water Helps People Make Better Environmental Choices

A recent article highlighted the conservation efforts made by Waiakea Water’s founder Ryan Emmons. Emmons announced that the current plastic being used for the bottles containing the Waiakea brand will be changed to a new more effective degradable plastic. This plastic is classified as being fully degradable, which significantly reduces the time it will be present in landfills. Although the new plastic is designed to deteriorate in a much quicker manner it still retains a superior amount of strength. Mr. Emmons has plans to launch the new bottles sometime within the next year.

As a young entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons is no stranger to the process it takes to get ahead in business. He launched the Waiakea brand of bottled water when he was just 22 years old. The success this brand has had is largely due to the environmental awareness Ryan Emmons undertook when choosing to market his new product. He decided to use the water’s positive aspects to help promote it to today’s younger generation. This strategy allowed the brand to see a 5,000 percent increase in growth since its launch date.

The Waiakea brand comes from a renewable source of water located on the big island of Hawaii. The spring used to capture the natural water for Waiakea is located at the base of the island’s Mauna Loa volcano. This water is constantly renewed by the rain that falls in this region so it does not pose a risk to the surrounding environment. As an added benefit, this water becomes enhanced with minerals such as potassium, magnesium and silica when it passes through layers of underground volcanic rock.

As a conscientious individual, Ryan Emmons takes an active role in helping to bring clean water to communities in underdeveloped areas. He has partnered his company with Pump Aid in order to supply communities in Africa with the clean water they need to stay healthy. As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to make people aware of the choices they make, the company is not only moving toward making a fully degradable Waiakea water bottle, but also encouraging people to drink ethically.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Innovates Sleep Disorder Solutions

Getting quality sleep is essential to having a productive day. Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic sleep deprivation that hurts their quality of life. Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by the inability to breathe for up to a minute while you are sleeping. Many people are unaware that they have the disorder until they are diagnosed by a sleep specialist.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who is pioneering the fight against sleep apnea. His innovative surgical techniques have successfully treated patients suffering from the debilitating problem. In 2012, he founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients (OUSP) organization. OUSP focuses on fostering collaboration among doctors specializing in sleep disorders and experienced dentists in order to discover possible solutions.

Dr. Weisfogel later founded Dental Sleep Masters (DSM). DSM’s mission is to cure sleep disorders through properly matching patients with a treatment appropriate for them. Treatments can range from the use of a sleeping appliance to prescriptions for an application that provides jaw support while patients sleep. These innovative solutions have solved many of Dr. Weisfogel’s patients’ sleep disorders and cemented his legacy as a premiere medical researcher.

Dr. Weisfogel’s educational career began by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He went on to become a Doctor of Dental Surgery through New York State University. He then opened his own award-winning dental practice called Old Bridge Dental Care. Dr. Weisfogel has been innovating outstanding patient care in his field as a licensed dentist for over twenty years.

Fabletics Is Making Big Changes in Marketing by Using Reviews As A Marketing Tool

When you shop for items online, do you first read what others have to say about what you are shopping for or do you just purchase the item? In many cases, most consumers will read what others think of the item prior to purchase. They rely on what others think about the item before they purchase it. They look to see if the item is worth purchasing or if the item lives up to its description. Either way, consumers look to reviews when purchasing items online.


TechStyle marketing director knows the tricks of the trade and therefore helps to bring in more consumers by making sure that they live up to the expectations of the shoppers. They want to know if something is not right, it something fits the wrong way or if the item did not live up to the standards of the shopper. For this reason, more people have good things to say about the business thanks to previous shoppers.


For workout guru’s, before Fabletics came on the market in 2013, they were forced to workout in greys and blacks. Now thanks to Fabletics, they are able to workout in any color and a variety of patterns. TechStyle knew that in order for women to feel confident about themselves, they had to first feel good in what they were wearing. With Fabletics, this is now possible thanks to the help of Kate Hudson.


Kate Hudson is a workout guru. She loves to workout and when she was approached by the company, she knew she had to do something to help other women. She signed on to become the spokes model for the business and has helped to form this company into a $235 million dollar business since 2013.


For a membership fee, the members will purchase new gear every month. They can pick and choose their favorite styles and thanks to other reviews, the members are able to choose the ones that they feel will fit the best as well as the ones that are hottest on the market. Every time someone leaves a review, you are able to see what they think about the order they placed and this can help you to determine if the choice is right for you.

Karl Heideck’s Advice To Young Lawyers Who Want To Be Successful In Their Careers

Law has been regarded as one of the most prestigious careers since time immemorial. Getting through law school is no mean feat, but most students graduate not knowing what the job market requires of them because they only learn the basics in school.

According to Karl Heideck, a renowned attorney, there are a few simple things that young lawyers can do to improve their chances of succeeding in the field of law. The first and most important thing is making the right choice of practice area. This should be done based on one’s preferences and personality so that they are comfortable doing the job and they also enjoy it.

Grades matter a great deal when looking for internship positions, which is a great way to learn more about law and gain some experience. Therefore, students should work to maintain high grades all through law school. Different states have different bar requirements. Students will do themselves good to find out the bar requirements they need to meet before they graduate. They should also strive to be kind and make good connections while in school. The students, lecturers, and lawyers they get to interact with may be of great help to them in the future. Karl Heideck also advises young lawyers to avoid shying away from asking questions for fear of looking unknowledgeable. However, professional boundaries must be maintained.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an excellent attorney based in Philadelphia. He is passionate about law and strives to share his knowledge with anyone who is interested in learning about law. He has a blog through which he educates people on various issues to do with the law.

Karl has worked with several law firms in Philadelphia over the course of his career. This has helped him gain a lot of experience in various fields of law. His areas of specialty include corporate law, employment law, litigation, corporate law and legal writing.


Karl Heideck wishes to see more young lawyers make it big in their law careers and therefore advises them to be smart in setting the foundation for their careers. Challenges abound in the field of law, especially for new and inexperienced lawyers. But following the tips above will make the journey easier and more rewarding.

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The Rise of Hussain Sajwani and His Company

Hussain Sajwani is currently one of the most famous real estate businessmen in the world. He is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties. The 64-year-old, UAE citizen, graduated with a bachelor of arts/science from the University of Washington. He is also a family man and a father of four. Hussain Sajwani family is one of the pioneers of the real estate expansion in Dubai. He has been in this industry for over 15 years. He had already started building hotels by mid 90’s when he saw a business opportunity. In 2002, he saw a gap in the real estate market and established DAMAC properties.


Sajwani properties and partners


Hussain Sajwani has steered his company, DAMAC properties, to be one of the most recognized brands in the real estate world. As the Damac owner, the company has worked on a number of properties including luxury apartments and villas, golf courses, hotels, and resorts. The firm has also worked with several other firms in the course of its operations. Some of these include The Trump Organization, Drake and Scull International, and LVMH.


Hussain and Donald Trump


The two have been great friends and business partners even before Donald won the Presidential seat. As friends, they are too close. Family exchange visits have been reported on several occasions. During his new year’s speech, Trump described Hussain Sajwani and his family as the most beautiful people. The two collaborated in constructing the Trump International golf club. The chairman of DAMAC properties is hopeful that he will improve his relationship with the Trump Organization.


DAMAC properties


The Dubai based company was founded by Hussain Sajwani in 2002 and has its headquarter in Dubai. DAMAC has specialized in developing commercial, leisure, and residential properties. Since its inception, the company has developed over 16,000 homes and has grown to be one of the largest real estate firms in UEA. It employs over 1000 people and has its shares traded on the Dubai financial market. It has reported positive growth that has seen its operations expanded to North Africa, Qatar, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.


DAMAC and corporate social responsibility


Hussain Sajwani is a great humanitarian. He does care for the community around him. He offered a cheque worth AED 2 million to be used in dressing needy children.

Rubbish and Waste Removal, Not Wasting Time

Clearabee Rubbish Removal and waste removal is perhaps the largest company providing these services in London and throughout the UK. The Company employees are vetted, and personnel are noted to take pride in ensuring safety and respect for personal property are observed when providing services for home or business clients.


There are several advantages to calling on Clearabee to provide your home  Rubbish Removal services throughout London and the UK.

– The company has several trucks throughout London most week days.

– Same-day service may be scheduled based on time and availability.

– Rubbish Removal may be scheduled for evening hours or on a weekend day.

– Clearabee can provide price quotes for Rubbish Removal online or by telephone. The number: 0330-088.

– Congestion charges in metropolitan areas are often suspended as the company is noted to have several trucks scattered throughout the area.


Waste Removal for business may involve bulky office items, ad hoc or fly tip removal. Clearabee personnel are aware of, and observe current industry regulations related to waste and Rubbish Removal for home and business. Over time, numerous companies throughout the UK have found the company to be reliable, responsible and timely resulting in repeat business.


Personal contact is welcomed by phone or online. The company is opened six days a week. Personnel stand ready to help with Rubbish Removal be it home renovation, relocation, or a light-to-thorough cleaning of the premises.