Former Diplomat Daniel Taub serves the people of Israel diligently

Not many people get a chance to work in their motherland as foreigners. However, in the case of Daniel Taub, it happened. He represented Israel in the country of his birth England. He was the ambassador in charge of Israeli interests in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub excelled in his work so well that not many people can ever come close to his achievements. He is the best diplomat to have ever represented Israel in a foreign nation. Daniel Taub served for a duration of 4 years. In the four years, he accomplished what would have taken years was it for someone else in the office. As a person who was familiar with the regulations of the two countries, he managed to navigate them with ease he knew the areas of interests that would help his country.



His legacy as a diplomat will remain in the minds of many people in the country. He worked for his country with one resolve, he never betrayed the loyalty that had been placed on him by the government of Israeli. Daniel Taub had left the United Kingdom in 1989 and moved to Israeli. His first task in the country was to serve in the military. He was a reserve medical officer. He later worked for the ministry of foreign affairs international law division. As a trained international lawyer, Daniel Taub had the advantage of working closely with the ministry of foreign affairs in a number of positions. He was appointed at one time the leading adviser of the Israeli delegation to the United Nations. Daniel Taub has been in a number of positions as a diplomat and legal adviser.



The legacy of Daniel Taub is not only on matters of law. He has served in other roles especially in peace missions. He has been to many positions on behalf of Israel. One of the biggest responsibilities that have been bestowed on him by his country is that of leading the peace resolution mission between Israel and Palestine. He was the lead negotiator on behalf of Israel.



Daniel Taub worked closely with his Palestine counterpart to give the two countries a peace agreement that was favorable. At one point together with his Palestine counterpart, they went to Ireland to study what conflicting parties in the region had done to resolve their disputes. They recommended the lessons they had learned to the peace committee who approved the proposals. Ultimately, Daniel Taub assisted the two countries to come up with a peace agreement.


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