Excellence, Inspirational & Passion: Academy of Art University

We are all artistic in some form or fashion and there are numerous higher-learning facilities to express this artistic side. One of the best schools just so happens to be located in San Francisco, and it has produced a wide array of talent that has made it to the big leagues. Have you ever heard of the Academy of Art University? This artistic school covers the entire gambit of liberal arts, design, fine art and entertainment. Life at this academy is similar to life at a standard university. There are clubs, sporting events and plenty of school-related organizations to attend. The Academy of Art University has it all and then some.


New York Fashion Week is one of the grandest spectacles in modern-day society, and it takes place on an annual basis. New names are constantly being thrown into the spotlight. The Academy of Art University has well-represented this event on many occasions in the past. Last year, the academy held its showcase for the 21st time. Located at the famed Skylight Clarkson Square, the academy put on a great show thanks to its eclectic style. There were many debuts last year from recent MFA and BFA graduates. The Academy of Art University showed its stuff via five womenswear and two menswear clothing collections. There were also two dynamic collaborations thrown into the mix.


This spectacular event hosts people from all over the globe and from everywhere in between. This event has publicized a huge range of techniques, ideas and silhouettes. There is a lot of hard work, time and dedication that goes into the 15 minutes of runway time. Some of the best former-talent of (AAU) put a great show with their fashion lines. This includes the individuals of Hailun Zhou, Dina Marie Lam and Eden Slezin.


The Academy of Art Institute was founded by Richard S. Stephens. This extraordinary painter led the academy for over 20 years, but it was taken over by his son in 1951. The academy has been participating in New York Fashion Week since 2005 and hopefully, it will participate in many more for the years to come.


Fabletics Is Making Big Changes in Marketing by Using Reviews As A Marketing Tool

When you shop for items online, do you first read what others have to say about what you are shopping for or do you just purchase the item? In many cases, most consumers will read what others think of the item prior to purchase. They rely on what others think about the item before they purchase it. They look to see if the item is worth purchasing or if the item lives up to its description. Either way, consumers look to reviews when purchasing items online.


TechStyle marketing director knows the tricks of the trade and therefore helps to bring in more consumers by making sure that they live up to the expectations of the shoppers. They want to know if something is not right, it something fits the wrong way or if the item did not live up to the standards of the shopper. For this reason, more people have good things to say about the business thanks to previous shoppers.


For workout guru’s, before Fabletics came on the market in 2013, they were forced to workout in greys and blacks. Now thanks to Fabletics, they are able to workout in any color and a variety of patterns. TechStyle knew that in order for women to feel confident about themselves, they had to first feel good in what they were wearing. With Fabletics, this is now possible thanks to the help of Kate Hudson.


Kate Hudson is a workout guru. She loves to workout and when she was approached by the company, she knew she had to do something to help other women. She signed on to become the spokes model for the business and has helped to form this company into a $235 million dollar business since 2013.


For a membership fee, the members will purchase new gear every month. They can pick and choose their favorite styles and thanks to other reviews, the members are able to choose the ones that they feel will fit the best as well as the ones that are hottest on the market. Every time someone leaves a review, you are able to see what they think about the order they placed and this can help you to determine if the choice is right for you.