Kevin Seawright Helps More People See the Value of Newark

Kevin Seawright has joined the Newark CEDC. This is great addition to the CEDC staff in Newark because Kevin Seawright has a wealth of financial expertise in various areas. He knows a lot about accounting systems because he has worked in the fiscal field for various institutions such as the department of Recreation and Parks and the City of Baltimore.

Kevin also has experience with the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement. He has a long record of working with local government agencies, and this makes him the perfect candidate for his role as a Chief Financial Officer with the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Anyone that has had a chance to glance at the resume for Seawright is well aware that he is someone that knows how to attract and retain businesses for city development. This is what he is planning to do in New Jersey. The economic development for Newark is always something that is in competition with other closer geographical areas like New York. What Kevin is trying to do is help native and new residents see the potential of opening small businesses.

PR Newswire believed that Kevin Seawright has been in the financial business for many years and he has overseen a large number of government contracts. He is a business leader that has experience in data analysis and human resources.

According to Crucnhbase, Kevin Seawright has also built a career where he has gained experience in managerial finance and contract negotiations. These are all things that are vital to his role with the Newark Economic Development Center.

Kevin Seawright has also done a great job of bringing a positive attitude to Newark and young high school workers that want to engage in summer work. He believes that allowing young students to work during the summer months will definitely play a huge part in how these young children grow into adults that appreciate working in Newark.

He definitely believes that there is a chance for Newark to improve as a business district, and he is putting funding in place with better financial management that can result in more construction and more growth for the city.

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