Meaningful Investment Advice From The Oxford Club

Alexander Green is an expert financial advisor and portfolio manager for The Oxford Club. Mr. Green is currently the Chief Executive Strategies of the Club, and has written financial advice letters, full-fledged non-fiction books, blog posts, and articles for more than 15 years.

Here are three essential tips from Mr. Alexander Green’s seasoned bank of knowledge:

Bring Balance To Your Financial Portfolio

Sell off top earners, and pick up lagging stocks that show long-term potential.

Lower The Costs Of Investment

Trading stocks too often results in high investment costs and lower chances of beating stock indices.

Save Money, Silly!

Though this tip sounds overly simple and obvious, it’s not. Too many people don’t save enough for retirement, which equals compound interest.

What Is The Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club is a nexus of investors, entrepreneurs, and business people that is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s home to over 157,000 members around the world hailing from 131 countries.

For the past 28 years, The Oxford Club strives to make investment advice easy for its members to understand, rather than leaving them to interpret financial lingo and jargon used by seasoned experts who live for finance. While it’s not safe to say that zero experts are members of the Club – thousands of experts enjoy reading literature published by The Oxford Club – it is, in fact, safe to say that a large portion of portfolio-related advice on the World Wide Web is difficult to understand.

Currently led by Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green and company, The Oxford Club is a private organization, helping members become financially independent. The organization provides values to consumers by exchanging tons of current publications for low-cost, ongoing subscriptions.